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Razor clam dig on the Long Beach Peninsula this weekend!

March, April 2012 razor clam digging dates - Long Beach PeninsulaClamming is scheduled for morning low tides April 21-23. There will be no digging allowed after noon. For best results, clam diggers should begin digging about two hours before the morning low tide.

Most razor clam diggers use clam guns, which can be purchased locally or online. Willapa Marine Products, a local marine supply company, sells clam guns and other accessories here on Amazon.com, some with free shipping.

Beaches open for razor-clam digging extend from the Columbia River to Leadbetter Point, including the Klipsan Beach and Ocean Park approaches. The exceptions are areas closed to protect nesting western snowy plovers,  clearly marked with signs.

Anyone 15 years or older is required to purchase a 2011-2012 license. Various licenses, ranging from a three-day razor-clam license to a multi-species combination license, are avaiIable online (https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/), by phone (1-866-246-9453) and from numerous stores on the Peninsula. Under state rules, harvesters may take no more than 15 razor clams and must keep the first 15 taken, regardless of size or condition. Each digger’s limit must be kept in a separate container.

Morning low tides for razor clam digging dates during April 2012 are:

April 21, Saturday (7:28 a.m., -0.3 feet): Long Beach
April 22, Sunday (8:01 a.m., -0.4 feet): Long Beach
April 23, Monday (8:35 a.m., -0.4 feet): Long Beach