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What is “His Supper Table,” anyway?

The Oregon Tuna Classic provides fresh fish for His Supper Table.

Twice a week on our Twitter and Facebook pages, we remind everyone of free meals at His Supper Table. It has come to our attention that some don’t understand what His Supper Table is. In short, it’s an organization, supported by local churches, that provides nutritious hot meals on Mondays and Thursdays on the Long Beach Peninsula. The meals are free, but a donation jar is available for those who can contribute. The Long Beach Nazarene Church graciously allows the use of its kitchen.

With the economic downturn, many people who had never envisioned needing such a service are now being blessed with the free meals. His Supper Table welcomes anyone who is having trouble making ends meet. Meals are largely dependent on what is provided locally by the community. Fishermen, in particular, have been very generous during the past year, resulting in some outstanding nutritious meals. Grocers also supply extra produce when they can.

For any who are wondering how they can help,  His Supper Table’s thrift store needs you! That’s how the money is raised to buy the food supplies that aren’t donated. The store needs more volunteers and quality donations.

His Supper Table is a 501c3 charity, and all contributions are tax deductible. They can be brought to the store at 911 Pacific Way North in Long Beach, or mailed to His Supper Table, P.O. Box 1487, Ocean Park, WA 98640.

His Supper Table is 100% volunteer-operated, and all funds go directly into the ministry. For more information, visit His Supper Table’s website.