Bailey’s Bakery & Café

Bailey's Bakery and Café Breakfast Burrito, Nahcotta26910 Sandridge Road

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Reviewed by Britt

Bailey’s is one of the few bayside options available on the Long Beach Peninsula. This café-styled bakery has a nice rotating selection of
soups and sandwiches, delicious baked goods and hot coffee. Bailey’s is well known for it’s Sunday special, thunder buns, so get
there early as these always sell out! One of the charms of Baliey’s is the history of the building, the old Nahcotta train station/post office.  Though the train has long since pulled up it’s tracks, the post office is still in service and makes for an interesting peek into the building’s past. On your way out be sure to purchase a loaf of artisan bread for your evening meal and while you’re at it, have them add a scone or two to your bag.

Reviewed by Liza

I first heard about Bailey’s from one of our out-of-town guests. He raved about the charming café he’d found. It was new at the time, so my family decided to try it for ourselves. Everything was wonderful, although the menu selection wasn’t wide enough to merit taking the whole family there again. From my perspective, it’s a great place to visit with a friend, or to stop by to check out the day-old rack.

Good to know

– Accepts  only cash and checks—no credit cards.
– Seating is very limited.
– They make and sell their own dog biscuits.

-They have a small table near the entry that holds day-old items for half off.

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