Quicklinks to menus of 34 Long Beach Peninsula restaurants

Long Beach Peninsula Restaurants - Local MenusFor the convenience of visitors and locals alike, we’ve just added a page of “quicklinks” to the menus of 34 Long Beach Peninsula restaurants. You can find them on the “Menus” page, under the “Restaurants” tab. When possible, we’ve placed links that take you directly to menus on the restaurants websites. For restaurants without websites, or for those who haven’t posted a menu, we’ve scanned previous paper copies of their menus. While these will give you a good idea of what’s offered at a particular restaurant, keep in mind some of the prices, and perhaps some of the offering, may have changed.

We’ve attempted to include every restaurant in Nahcotta, Ocean Park, Long Beach, Seaview, Ilwaco and Chinook. If you’re a restaurant owner, and see that your menu isn’t posted or needs updating, please email us. We’ll update the listing as soon as possible.

To go directly to the Restaurant Menu page, click here.

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